Water Testing

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Determination of the microbiological quality of environmental water or water produced for pharmaceutical purposes is critical for detecting adverse trends that can be harmful to finished products, processes or the actual consumer. Water is one of the most common raw materials used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. As a result, water systems must be monitored regularly to verify the quality of the water produced.

Water testing is performed during purified water system installation, validation, performance verification, and routine monitoring, to evaluate whether water systems are under acceptable levels of control, producing high quality water for manufacturing and cleaning purposes. The feed water, be it city water, well water, or a combination, should also be monitored and controlled. If microorganisms are present in incoming water it can compromise the purification steps. Enumeration of microorganisms is a critical component in water testing. The assessment of the microbiological quality of water used in manufacturing is a key indicator of system control. Early detection is a necessity in preventing the formation of biofilms. Bioburden testing includes the quantitation of microbes such as aerobic plate count, yeast/mold count, heterotrophic plate count, total coliforms, coli, Enterococci, Listeria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. For water for injection, bacterial endotoxin testing is also required.

Whitehouse Laboratories Water Testing Services include:


Total Organic Carbon (TOC)


Heavy Metals

Bacterial Endotoxin Testing