Dose Delivery Testing

Dose Delivery Testing 2018-07-24T19:54:02+00:00

Whitehouse Laboratories’ Medical Device Department performs dose delivery testing for devices and combination products in accordance with customer requirements and global standards. In addition to dose delivery, we also perform various other dosing-related tests, such as Dead Space and Residual Volume.

The facility has site capability to precondition test articles according to ISO 11608 – Needle-based injection systems for medical use.

  • Cool, Standard, and Warm Atmosphere Testing
  • Last-dose Testing
  • Life-cycle Testing
  • Free-fall Testing
  • Dry-heat and Cold-storage Testing
  • Damp-heat Testing
  • Cyclical Testing
  • Vibration Testing

Relevant Standards that address Unit Dose and Dose Accuracy:

  • ISO 11608 – Needle-based injection systems for medical use
  • USP <698> Deliverable Volume of Oral Liquids
  • USP <755> Minimum Fill for Creams, Gels, Lotions, Ointments, Pastes, Aerosols, and Sprays in Packaged Containers