Mass Flow Leak Detection

Mass Flow Leak Detection 2018-05-10T07:13:23+00:00

Mass Flow / Mass Extraction

Mass extraction leak detection operates by drawing vacuum on a sample enclosed in a chamber. Once vacuum is established, the instrument monitors the amount of airflow required to sustain a specific vacuum level. The amount of flow required to keep the vacuum steady is proportional to the amount of flow escaping from leaks in sample under test. Specific test parameters must be set after adequate method development.

Results are reported quantitatively, as flow rates, as well as qualitatively (Pass or Fail) according to acceptance criteria established in method development.

Mass extraction testing is applicable to any package containing headspace, including parenteral vial packages, screw-capped bottles, and flexible bags or pouches.   In some cases, liquid-packages can also be leak tested by this approach if the threat of product formulation clogging leak paths is addressed.

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