Laser-Based Headspace

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Laser-Based Headspace Analysis For Parenteral Packages

Assessment of package headspace via laser-based analysis techniques provides a quantitative, nondestructive measure of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, or internal pressure in a nonporous, rigid or non-rigid package’s headspace. A near-infrared diode laser light is passed through the gas headspace region of the sealed package.  Light absorption, measured using frequency-modulated spectroscopy, is indicative of gas concentration and pressure.

As headspace analysis is nondestructive, it may be repeatedly performed over time to provide a quantitative measure of a sample’s leak rate.  This technology is especially applicable when verifying the integrity of packages that must maintain a specific gas headspace content due to oxygen or moisture sensitive product, for example.  Additionally, this technology may be applied to assess leakage that may occur during ultra-cold or cryogenic storage as a result of storage conditions below the glass-transition temperature of packaging components.

To be eligible for laser-based headspace analysis, packages need be transparent (colorless) or semi-transparent (amber), as well as possess a minimum headspace volume and headspace path length.  Vials, syringes, cartridges and bottles are all amenable to this approach.

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