EP & JP Container Testing

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While not as common as their USP counterparts, there are a series of European Pharmacopeia (EP) and Japan Ministry of Health (JP) tests specific to container qualification testing. The EP may not be as easily navigated in comparison to the USP due to test procedures being based upon material type and intent of use. The JP is similar in that there is not a defined revision schedule allowing periodic updates and improvements, nor a system in place to provide notice of revisions. When performing or requesting some of these less common, but still regulatory required test, it is imperative to work with an experienced group that understands how the procedure needs to interpreted and implemented.

Common EP and JP Container Tests Include:

  • EP 3.1.5 Polyethylene W/ Additives for Containers Parenteral/Ophthalmic

  • EP 3.1.6 Polypropylene for Containers and Closures For Parenteral/Ophthalmic

  • EP 3.1.3 Polyolefins

  • EP 3.1.11 PVC

  • JP Chapter Plastic Container Testing

  • JP Chapter Glass Container Testing

Whitehouse Laboratories operates a “Container Testing Center of Excellence”. The entire business unit brings multiple levels of experience to each container testing program. Staff members with specific areas of expertise are always available to consult on your testing needs.