Recent Package Lab Expansion

Whitehouse Laboratories announces another major capital investment for its Package Testing Laboratory. Responding to growing demands from life science companies, this investment centers on an increase in environmental chamber storage capacity allowing for a larger volume of packaging environmental conditioning and product storage to be performed – ultimately reducing testing turnaround times. This marks the second stage of major capital expenditure with the recent purchase of high performance environmental chambers from Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ).

CSZ’s Z-Plus Test Chambers are capable of simulating a wealth of temperature and humidity conditions with performance ranging from -73C to +19C and full relative humidity control allowing the lab to allow our lab to pre-condition products to simulate any shipping environment. Each unit is fully-programmable and capable of a variety of tests, from basic thermal cycling to accelerated stress testing. The equipment complements the Package Testing Laboratory’s existing units from CSZ. Packaged-product environmental conditioning queue times can now be reduced with the added capacity – which is a benefit to all our valued clients.

Read more about our expansion here online.