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As an independent, third party laboratory, Whitehouse Laboratories is a trusted testing partner for packaging professionals for distribution testing, packaging materials qualification and product testing.

Companies throughout the world trust Whitehouse Labs to meet and exceed their expectations; we partner with our clients to provide technical expertise and individualized service to complement each client’s unique needs.

Our ISTA Certified, ISO 17025 Accredited and fully cGMP Lab specializes in package testing for the following industries:

Pharmaceutical Package Testing

Drug product packaging must be capable of withstanding the effects of manufacturing, storage, transportation and distribution from the point of manufacture/packaging to the end user. A robust design preserves the package integrity and protects the primary product – without such investments in design and testing, lifesaving therapies may not reach the patient in usable form.

Medical Device Package Testing

Medical Device Manufacturers are required to ensure the integrity of their sterile medical device packaging within compliance with ISO 11607 standards. Medical Device package validation incorporates package Stability Testing, Performance/Dynamics Testing and Strength and Integrity Testing following the guidelines of ISO 11607 – Whitehouse Labs is here to help you navigate the regulatory requirements.

Consumer Product Package Testing

Consumer goods, especially those sold online, are subject to the rigors of LTL transportation and the small parcel delivery system. Whether shipping from the manufacturer or distribution center to the store or the home of the end user, a packaged-product is vibrated, stacked upon, dropped, baked or frozen the entire way. Distribution testing new of packaging designs per ISTA and ASTM methods can eliminate the headaches of damaged goods and lost business before they happen.

Whitehouse Laboratories is happy to assist customers to better understand the testing requirements, the available test options and how to execute packaging validation projects on time and on budget.

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