Whitehouse Laboratories is excited to announce its return as an exhibitor at the 2017 MD&M East.  MD&M East has helped take medical devices from concept to market by uniting cutting-edge technology, shown by vendors and service providers, with the industry’s foremost minds.

Whitehouse labs will showcase its diverse and comprehensive capabilities which are essential for medical and drug delivery device compliance at Booth 265.   Whitehouse Laboratories continues to expand into medical and drug delivery device testing, with its additions of Chemical Characterization (E&L), Toxicology Risk Assessments (TRA), and Microbiology esting; in concert with our established reputation for ISO 11608 syringe testing capabilities and leading edge container closure integrity testing. “This is an exciting time in the medical device industry and an exciting time at AMRI,” says John Iannone, Director of Extractables/Leachables & Impurities at AMRI Global. “With changes in the regulatory landscape surrounding Chemical Characterization (ISO 10993-18), E&L, and Risk Assessments (ISO 10993-17) being used as tools to better understand Device Biocompatibility, we have developed a focused team of world class scientists with dedicated high-end instrumentation, to work with our customers in addressing these evolving requirements.”

Whitehouse Labs is a leader in the industry, working to ensure their client’s container and package systems, medical devices, and drug delivery systems meet new regulatory requirements. “Over the past few months, we have identified key concerns of our clients and of the industry with respect to implementing new standards and have responded by providing capabilities that will meet those customer expectations, which is why Whitehouse Laboratories is creating a ‘state-of-the-art’ workstation for luer connectors for compliance testing to the ISO 80369 series of standards in the second half of this year,” says Mark Stier, General Manager at Whitehouse Labs. “We are delighted to be returning to MD&M East to discuss the Laboratory’s well established testing capabilities with our clients and discuss some of the new capabilities we have employed for medical device, and drug delivery system development and compliance.”

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