Smither’s E&L USA Conference, May 9-11, 2017

Whitehouse Laboratories is excited to announce that it will attend the Smither’s E&L USA Conference from May 9-11, 2017.

At the conference Whitehouse Labs, a division of Albany Molecular Research Inc., will be presenting two technical posters related to determining an Extractables Profile utilizing High Resolution Accurate Mass Techniques. The work is a collaborative effort done between AMRI and ThermoFisher Scientific.

The first technical poster will relate to a unique drug delivery device configuration.  The second technical poster will involve Pharmaceutical Packaging Labels.

Why Attend E&L USA 2017?

Extractables and leachables examination is continuously growing in importance. Given the current scruitny paid by governing bodies including the FDA and EMEA, understanding the best practice and guidelines to carry out extractables and leachables studies is imperative in order to eliminate risk and potential development delays.

The 2017 program covers a wide variety of topics to suit every level of the supply chain, with presentatives covering the latest regulations, best practice compliance, case studies and much more. Whatever you’re looking for and whatever your position, you can’t afford to miss it.