Who We Are

Whitehouse Laboratories has business units that encompass testing of materials (including gas), containers (including expertise in integrity testing) distribution, packaging, medical device and stability programs for all of the above. Our facility is in three buildings with total square footage of 20,000. We are FDA registered, ISO 17025 and ISTA certified and DEA (II-V) licensed.

Services Offered


Whitehouse Laboratories is a comprehensive analytical testing laboratory that offers USP-NF, EP, FCC and JP Monograph testing. We cover the Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Food industries. Method verification and qualification is available.


Whitehouse Laboratories offers stability programs for all sectors of the business: materials, containers and medical devices. Our DEA license makes us well suited for your controlled substance needs.

Container Qualification and integrity

Whitehouse Laboratories is a leader in this area with world renowned expertise and cost effective programs. We offer USP, EP and JP testing for plastic or glass. The staff is available to provide expert advice to form your required testing needs to be in compliance with FDA requirements.

Packaging and Distribution

Whitehouse Laboratories can perform all the required testing which includes: shock, vibration, compression and environmental stress. Distribution simulation, shipment monitoring and package integrity are also offered. We perform all ASTM and ISTA requirements.

Medical Device

Whitehouse Laboratories is a leader in the testing of syringes. Some test include strength, volume verification and more. We have the capability of testing all medical devices for mechanical functionality.


The stand-alone facility is adjacent to the Container Center of Excellence and is dedicated to basic USP 51, USP 61, and USP 62 testing including raw material through finished products. The facility meets the strict GMP requirements for FDA regulated, GMP testing to take place. All key pieces of equipment include state of the art incubators, ovens, and fume hoods.