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The updated table below describes the current series of ISO 80369 Series of standards and when they came online:
Modern cleaning validation procedures must be implemented to prove that the equipment is reasonably free of any residue. It must be documented to be safe, causes no product quality concerns, and the process is contaminant-free in accordance with FDA, cGMPs, and USP guidelines.
Quality Assurance Units must provide assurance that the validation process has produced the expected results as per the requirements of USP General Chapter <233> Elemental Impurities in accordance with <1225> Validation of compendial procedures
Method Validation effects the development and quality control testing of most products. Updated FDA guidance titled Analytical Procedures and Methods Validation for Drugs and Biologics
A few months back I published a blog article on the value of attending Interphex. For the regular readers (I know there are few), you will recall that I started that article by simply stating my dista
Pharmaceutical products should contain low levels of residual solvents as determined by safety data. The presence of residual solvents in pharmaceutical products needs to be determined through testing
Three years ago, the executive management of Whitehouse Laboratories implemented a major reorganization plan. Over the previous ten years, the company had experienced many areas of growth to include e
Available tools to navigate the USP flow of information that will help remain abreast of changes that may affect your organization
implementing an intern program for college students specific to engineers, chemistry, biology and material science students can lead to a mutually rewarding results
Contract laboratories go beyond routine laboratory work and provide the consultancy support required to meet theses ever changing regulatory developments.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography otherwise known as HPLC testing
Three key observations as to why Interphex is a must attend event. Interphex will bring over 12,000 global pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals together in New York
Qualifying Excipient Gases In the Drug Manufacturing Process. Steps to minimize and eradicate the possibility for the introduction of contaminated substances
A review of the basic operation of the GC instrument for a better understanding of this commonly used test method.
Key areas to focus on when qualifying an outsourcing partner are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and ISO 17025 quality standards.